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Creating a Brighter Future

Ever since opening our doors, our pilot development programmes helped countless individuals achieve their career and life dreams. Upon successful completion of any of our courses, our guarantee is simple, We train you, we place you as with a reputable airline, we watch your career skyrocket. We are committed to providing excellent education, training and resources so that our candidates will thrive in today’s competitive world. With flexible program options and state-of-the-art training, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your education at Pro Pilot International. Our programs are tailored in such a manner that if you meet the basic criteria, you can advance your professional career 70% faster than the industry standard. We are able to tailor your experience to any concieved career goals.

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Flight Instructor Development Program

Instructor Development Program

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The most common reason people become flight instructors is to gain experience. Working as a commercial airline pilot is one of the most coveted positions in the aviation field, and airlines require pilots to have a great deal of experience before the airline will even consider hiring the pilot. Working as a flight instructor is a great way for international students to gain flying experience in order to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot.


When asked what they love most about their jobs, the first answer most flight instructors give is the thrill of imparting knowledge to their students. Any teacher or instructor knows the exhilaration of seeing a student finally “get” something that you’ve been teaching them. This is no different for flight instructors.


The most important and rewarding reason to work as a flight instructor is the opportunity to make a living as a pilot. No one would pursue a pilot’s license if they didn't love flying, and the opportunity to actually make a living doing something you love is an opportunity not many people are lucky enough to have. This opportunity forms the entry gateway for many of our other programs which you can coose from.

Cost: U$ 5 400.00

Bush Pilot Development Program

Bush Flying Development Program

The prospect of flying small aircraft throughout "bush country" in Africa and other remote locations around the globe not only offers a unique and challenging alternative to building time as a flight instructor but also an attractive career choice for pilots seeking a job closer to nature. Bush flying offers several opportunities for pilots looking for adventure, frequent missions in adverse conditions, and true "seat of the pants" flying — all surrounded by terrain and scenery most people will only experience through a postcard.


As part of your preparation for this fantastic career you will receive extensive training in bush aircraft from experienced flight instructors. This will equip you to have a safe, fun career while gaining experience that will prove invaluable in your experience arsenal as a professional pilot.

Cost: U$ 6 900.00

Multi engine Development Program

Multi-Engine Turbine Development Program

Whether you are working your way through the aviation ranks to become and airline pilot or just simply want to expedite your career path, this might be the next step for you.


Gaining multi and single engine turbine experience in multi crew environs is essential when looking at applying for any airline job. Increasing your knowledge with regards to instrument flight rules, multi crew concepts and night flying forms the basis of this program. This program is aimed at making you better equipped to pass that ATPL and airline checkride!


You will receive training on a type specific simulator from experienced instructors that will uniquely equip you to perform well in this multi crew cockpits.

Cost: U$ 17 806.00

Jet Development Program

Jet Development Program

Flying a jet aircraft, whether it be a general aviation corporate jet or a commercial airliner, usually requires many hours of experience in smaller, slower and less complex aircraft. Few pilots start their training in jet aircraft. Even military pilots start with single-engine piston airplanes before moving on to jet trainers. 

Experience as a pilot is measured in flight time. Most pilots are required to have 40 to 50 hours of flight time just to get their private pilot's license. By the time a pilot has gotten the other ratings typically required to fly a jet aircraft, they're looking at a minimum of 250 hours. This includes the minimum times required to obtain the following ratings: commercial and instrument. Jet aircraft that have a gross takeoff weight of over 12,500 pounds also require a specific type rating for that particular aircraft.

While some regional airlines have been known to hire pilots with as little as 250 hours to fly as a first officer on a regional jet, 1,500 hours or higher is more typical. Fifteen hundred hours is also the minimum flight time required to obtain an Airline Transport Pilot rating or ATP. Most pilots in general aviation build up flight time as flight instructors.

This program is aimed at bridging the gap that most pilots experience when moving on from instruction or general aviation to airline job market.

Cost: U$ 35 854.00

Total Development Program

Total Development Program

This program gives a total turnkey solution for the freshly qualified Commercial pilot. It provides you with the opportunity to gain experience in a wide variety of experience fields, al the way from bush pilot to airline pilot. 

The program offers progressive gains in experience so that on completion the candidate exits with a wide range of operational exposure that makes him marketable in any airline environment. 

Cost: U$ 60 560.00

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